COVID-19 Update

Thanks to our amazing team and partners we are still operating in a completely remote capacity. If you need assets stored, processed, or delivered we are here to help with our completely remote solutions. Please get in touch to learn more!

Automated Media Operations

Digital assets are the lifeblood of this industry. We treat every asset that we build or represent with excruciating care by offering unparalleled storage redundancy, delivery perfection, and performance intelligence.

Rights Management

Do you have a library that needs piracy protection or official channel management on the world’s largest digital video platforms? We can help. We’re proud to be defending and building online brands for:

Boat Rocker Rights, Temple Street Productions, Radical Sheep Productions, Crooked Horse Productions, and many more.


Do you have a brand that needs beautiful video content? We can help. Partners we’ve produced content for:

CBC, Boat Rocker Media, CBBC, AOL Huffington Post, Rugby Canada, Wildbrain Family Channel, and many more.

About Us

TritonHQ is on a mission to simplify brand and content ownership.

Through our Technology group we are automating the expensive and time consuming process of delivering television shows to broadcasters and video platforms around the world. Through our Content group we produce amazing content, monetize piracy, and support the development of authentic brand channels.

We’re making the painful process of producing, managing, and selling video assets easier.